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Welcome to Run for Body Mind Fitness. We are all about running, cycling, strength training, and the many benefits of overall physical fitness. We are here to help you explore all the available options and methodologies in fine tuning your personal training program. Whether you need a helping hand in sorting through all the best workout gear, or just a few tips and techniques to help you break through a physical plateau you’ve come up against, we are here to help you get the most out of your next run, spin class, or workout routine. Our expert reviews dig deep into the details of what makes fitness equipment, as well as your body, perform to the highest of levels. Regardless of your exercise and fitness preferences, we hope our insights help you make a well-informed plan, and that the overall trajectory of your fitness goals are aimed at a building a new-found liveliness and vigor. Refresh your body, mind, and crush your fitness!


RunningGetting out for a run or a brisk walk is one of the most simple ways to integrate healthy habits into your exercise routine. The combination of fresh air and increasing your heart rate can work wonders. And if you want to avoid bad weather, or if you prefer indoor running for convenience or safety reasons, installing a treadmill is a simple solution.

It’s also important to have realistic goals, so you won’t set yourself up for disappointment. Significant changes in your energy levels and physical appearance won’t happen overnight. Disciplining yourself, and establishing a regular habit of heading out for a run is undeniably the most difficult part of running.

On the bright side, practicing your running routine with regularity does become easier. After the first thirty days your energy and strength levels should be much higher than when your first started. And muscle soreness following your run should also diminish much quicker, and have less intensity compared to your earlier experience.

Building your strength and stamina will lead to longer and faster runs, and might even see you through to running a marathon! Seeing those numbers improve is exciting, and becoming more physically capable opens other varieties of exercise that can keep your routine from getting boring and stagnant.

When your body makes those big steps forward you can start to consider other adventurous activities. Increased endurance and grit will open up the potential for trail running or hiking. It hardly feels like exercise when you are seeing new outdoor scenic parks and historical locations.


CyclingRiding a bike is something both kids and adults enjoy, and can enjoy together, and cycling for the exercise and fitness benefits is steadily increasing in popularity worldwide.

Like all types of exercise, cycling requires a certain amount of fortitude and toughing-it-out to get the most out of it. Whether you are taking spin classes or hitting the trail with a mountain bike, pushing through your personal walls will take your physical fitness and ability up another level.

Regular training is important to keep building your stamina, so don’t let seasonal changes shut down your cycling. The hot humidity or the cold snow doesn’t need to shut down your training routine and start reversing all your hard work. If you don’t like the setting of a spin class, you can use a stationary bike right in the comfort of your own home.

Outdoor biking is super popular, and for good reason. The simple utilitarian aspect of getting where you need to offers obvious appeal. Beyond that, the charm of seeing new sights adds another level of interest to your outdoor adventures.

Mountain biking and trail riding is not for the faint of heart, as it can be very challenging and technical. But it you are selective about your trail choices you can build your way toward more physically demanding trails. The health benefits associated with this level of demanding exercise are quite remarkable.


FitnessPursuing on overall lifestyle that emphasizes fitness is really going to provide much more benefit than a once-a-week practice like taking a jog, or an occasional bike ride. The number of possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

If you like variety, then the same approach to physical fitness might become mundane and regular exercise could really lose it’s luster. For certain personalities, mixing it up can be the pivotal detail that keeps the momentum going forward.

Trail running is super enjoyable, but joining an annual Tough Mudder is a great way to challenge yourself and break up the routine. Kids love them too! And speaking of kids, a simple home obstacle course is a great way to get your kids moving. Turning it into at timed race will get them moving even faster!

Of course, adults could build an obstacle course as well, but more often than not you can join a good exercise class that will save you the expense of investing into every fitness item under the sun. Investing in a treadmill or a stationary bike might make a lot of sense, but you can find huge variety through gyms and classes.

Strength Training

Strength TrainingBuilding muscle and physical strength is a big part of most exercise routines, but it comes in any variety of degrees. Strength training isn’t just for those aiming for a body-building competition, and gaining strength can be accomplished by lifting smaller weights as well as the heavy options.

The truth is, building tremendous muscle mass might be great for a body building competition, but at some point the muscle mass crosses the line into a very impractical territory. Too much muscle mass can reduce range of motion, and become prohibitive to some of the more dexterous activities that also require significant strength.

The trick is really finding the balance between practical strength and your everyday cardio fitness to get the most out of your strength training routine. When that plan gets out of balance, you true level of fitness gets out of balance.

So how do you find that balance? Well that’s what we are here for! If you are interested in gaining strength there are some simple routines that you can establish for your particular needs. Strength training requires significant and sudden exertion compared to cardio workouts like spinning or swimming, but recent studies have shown how important cardio exercises are to building strength and muscle.


TrainingTraining routines are as diverse as the human imagination. In general terms, your training routine can look very different than your friend or exercise partner. Different body types will develop the most observable results from a tailored training routine that is designed to interact with your particular physiology. There is no one-size-fits-all training philosophy that works for everyone.

Training does differ from general fitness in the sense that training tends toward setting concrete goals, and implies a kind of preparation for something. Fitness, on the other hand, is more often seen as setting the bar at a certain level and striving to maintain that level of fitness.

The questions then becomes: what are you training for?

For some, training might just mean, if you met the “you of yesterday” could you kick your own ass? That leaves the door pretty wide open for a more fitness minded training routine, but obviously with a bit more aggression tacked on.

If you are training for a marathon, that level of endurance and stamina requires a lot of diligent effort and can be very difficult to maintain on the same level as a general fitness routine.

Whatever goals you have in mind, getting started with a plan in mind and remaining flexible throughout will help you to stay ever-ready to make adjustments in order to accomplish that training plan.

Exercise Equipment Reviews

Exercise Equipment ReviewsInvesting in exercise equipment is an expense worthy of careful consideration prior to making a purchase. Buying workout equipment that performs up to your standards and needs is only going to happen if you do a bit of research and read some exercise equipment reviews.

Whether you like the simplicity of something like an elliptical machine, or even building a larger home gym, knowing what you want and going after it makes all the difference.

Assembling a home gym is a process that takes time and careful thought about what makes sense to invest in. Your home gym might start with something like a set of free weights and a punching bag. Eventually you might find the need to build your gym into something more, maybe adding workout gear designed for strength training like a bench or even a squat machine.

Being able to see your fitness goals progress is great encouragement, and there are a multitude of fitness tracking devices that can assist you in accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

One of the items that always see that hardest use no matter what your exercise routine is your shoes. Running, hiking, and even indoor use at the gym requires the right shoes to support your feet and keep your routine on track.