The Journey Begins

Running, like all journeys, begins with a first step. We hope you fall in love with running the same way we have at Before you know it you’ll be a committed running, setting new goals and challenges. We hope to help you along the way by gearing up, staying healthy, and being inspired.

How to Breathe While Running

How to Breathe While Running Tips When you first start running learning to control your breathing may seem like a big challenge. Using the wrong technique will leave you gasping for air. Here are a few tips to help you with your breathing. Belly Breathing is Best I know, it sounds strange to say belly breathing, but it's true. What to improve your breathing and running performance, then learn to breathe deep from the belly instead of taking short shallow breaths that come from your chest. Okay, so it's not really your belly that helps you breathe, but your diaphragm. [...]

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What to Eat Before Running

It's something all runners think about. What should I eat before running? The fact of the matter is, it depends. Every runner is different and as much as we wish everyone was a one size fits all when it comes to eating before a workout, that is not the case. Should you eat before a morning run? Most people would say you should eat before a morning run (or any run for that matter). Running like any exercise is going to require energy. You need to fuel your workout so you don't crash or feel weak. Eating is not just [...]

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