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Challenges With Wide Feet

If you are one of the many people with wide feet, you know the challenges that come with trying to find  a comfortable pair of running shoes (or any shoes for that matter). There are times when you wish you had been blessed with “normal feet” that just was not in cards for you. Instead you have spent a lifetime having uncomfortable shoes that feel tight and painful on feet. The good news is many running shoe companies understand this problem and design certain styles to have options for wide feet.

Why Do Some People Have Wide Feed

Feet, like people come in all shapes and sizes. There are causes or reasons for wide. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons.

  • Born that way: You may remember from your childhood your mom or dad complaining about their shoes or having wide feet. At the next family gathering you can thank them for passing this on to you through genetics.
  • Age: Father time is not always kind to our feet. As we age our feet tend to grow longer and wider which obviously leads to wider feet. Things are not as tight as the used to be so before you know it, you feet can be spilling out over your shoes because they are getting wider.
  • Being pregnant: During pregnancy you feet can become wider. This is especially prevalent later in the later stages. Some of this is hormone related. The good news is some of this will go away.
  • Deformities in your feet: If you suffer from foot deformities such as hammer toes, bunions or calluses, this may cause your feet to become wider.
  • Shoes that don’t fit: Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly and are tight on your feet to begin with can cause swelling and a widening of your feet. Surprisingly studies have found that over 50% of people don’t wear shoes that fit.
  • Edema: While this one sounds like a “no-brainer”, edema, better known as “swelling” can widen your feet. Many people suffer with edema on an ongoing basis, so wide shoes are required.
  • Flat Feet: Having flat feet is another one of the lovely genetic curses you can have that are also associated with flat feet. I am not saying you have a platypus in your family tree, but have you looked.

Problems associated with wide feet

Having wide feet and wearing running shoes that don’t fit the way they should can lead to several problems such as painful “achy” feet. Wearing narrow or tight shoes can cause issues with bunions, calluses, crossover toe and hammer toe (hammer toe is not nearly as fun as hammer time).

  • Bunions: When the bone or tissue around the joint of your big toe becomes enlarged, this is called a bunion. Bunions can be bad because it can cause your big toe to turn in toward your other toes which leads to pain and swelling
  • Blisters: Blister can be common especially when you get a new pair shoes that do not fit properly. If they are tight or two narrow, the rubbing on your skin in a new spot can cause a blister.
  • Calluses: Over time callouses build because of too much pressure on your skin. Again tight fitting shoes will cause this.
  • Hammer Toe: When your toe starts to curl up toward the sky instead of laying flat, you are getting hammer toe.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet Reviewed

Altra Men’s Olympus 2.5 Athletic Shoe

What we like about the Altra Men’s Olympus 2.5 Running Shoe

Some of the great features of these running shoes are: breathable, comfortable, soft impact, wider toe box, good cushioning, lot’s of color options.

If you have wide, duck like feet, this is a great running shoe. It is stylish and comes in several different colors. You will love the wide toe box on these shoes. They have a nice A-Bound cushioning system to give optimal cushioning. The eva foam and cushioning system will give you life to your step and soften the impact for an enjoyable run.

The durability is pretty decent on these shoes overall and sport Vibram outsoles with abrasion resistance that make for great trail running.