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Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet Reviewed

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet ReviewedIf you are one of the many people with wide feet, you know the challenges that come with trying to find a comfortable pair of running shoes (or any shoes for that matter).

There are times when you wish you had been blessed with “normal feet” but that just was not in cards for you. Instead, you have spent a lifetime struggling with uncomfortable shoes that feel tight and painful on feet.

The good news is many running shoe companies understand this problem and offer certain styles purpose-designed to be some of the very best running shoes for wide feet.

You might be surprised that your feet don’t need to suffer the next time you lace up your running shoes.

The Run BMF team assembled a all-out review of our top picks for running sneakers for those with wide feet. But before we dive into the details of all the shoes we selected, a little background information might be help.

Initially we considered limiting our review to a short list of our top 5 running shoes. With so many options available we decided that in order to do this topic justice, we need to include a category for the best men’s running shoes for wide feet as well as a category for the best women’s running shoes for wide feet.

See this helpful video on choosing the right running shoe:

Since our list of top running shoes contains shoes for both men and women. We selected what we found to be the best 10 running shoes, five for men, and five for women. As is customary, we had the ladies go first with their picks for the 5 best running shoes for wide feet.

Top Women’s Running Shoes For Wide Feet Comparison Table

Top Choice
New Balance Women's Made in Us 1540 V3 Running Shoe
Customer Rating
More Details
New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe, Black/Outerspace, 6.5
Customer Rating
More Details
Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe
Customer Rating
More Details
Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoe - Oyster/Alloy/Light Blue - 7
Customer Rating
More Details
Budget Friendly
ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes, 11.5, Black/ASICS Blue
Customer Rating
More Details

Our top 5 wide running shoes for women include New Balance Women’s 1540v3, New Balance Women’s 1080v9 Fresh Foam, Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 15, Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19, and ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25. See our full reviews below.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

1. New Balance Women’s 1540v3 Running Shoes

New Balance Women's 1540v3 Running Shoes Review

New Balance Women’s 1540v3 Running Sneaker

The first shoe in our women’s lineup for the best women’s running shoes for wide feet is the New Balance Women’s 1540v3.

The first thing to notice for these shoes is the vast selection of wide sizes. Many running shoes will have wide-size. Some will have an x-wide, but these shoes go the extra mile by providing xx-wide.

For runners like my wife, this is extremely important. She is always frustrated when trying on shoes to get the right fit. The New Balance Women’s 1540v3 is one of the few pairs that provide this array. New Balance, my wife says thank you for this.

The New Balance 1540v3 is a versatile running shoe that is perfect for cross-training activities. It is always good to have a pair of running shoes that are not limited to just running. They have a more durable feel compared to some of the lightest mesh uppers. The design does add a few ounces to the overall weight, though. Many people like this feeling of security and support on their feet. Just be aware We highly recommend this shoe for runners who are on the heavier side.

The 1540v3 comes with a motion control system to help overpronators. They refer to this as their ROLLBAR technology. It does an excellent job guiding your foot in the proper position, but it is not cumbersome or restrictive. They have a 10mm drop, which pretty average and comfortable for most feet. Runners with high arches may want to look at inserts. Overall they have a true to size feel when you put them on. Not too narrow and not too wide for the given width chart. The midsole of the running shoe uses a cushy ENCAP foam. The tread is not overly aggressive — well-designed tread for the road and treadmill. If you have incredibly wide-feet, this may be just the pair of running shoes you need.

2. New Balance Women’s 1080v10 Fresh Foam Running Shoes

New Balance Women's 1080v10 Fresh Foam Running Shoes Review

New Balance Women’s 1080v10 Fresh Foam Running Sneaker

The New Balance 1080v10 Fresh Foam is up next as we compare the best running shoes for wide feet, women’s edition! The 1080v10 are fresh looking (pun intended). They are stylish and have a great look.

Did we mention the superior running performance? We will get to that. These shoes have options for wide-sizes and x-wide sizes for those that do not suffer from petite feet.

The shoe design is for long, enjoyable cushioned runs. Yes, I did use the term long run and “enjoyable” in the same sentence. They are meant for long-distance road work and treadmills.

On the softness scale, they rate a 4. Not so pillowy that you feel like you are running on marshmallows, but pretty darn close. Seriously, the cushioning is very comfortable.

The New Balance 1080v10 has neutral stability and does not try to correct for overpronation. These shoes are light, weighing in at only 9 ounces. Between the super cushy foam and the engineered mesh, it is no surprise they are so light-weight.

The mesh has that 3D design to wrap around your foot, but the breathable mesh does not feel restrictive at all. It is a great design and quite comfortable.

One thing to note with the New Balance 1080v10 is the redesign with a new molded heal. Some testers mentioned a little more slide on the heal when moving from mid-stance to forefoot and the end of your foot movement.

There isn’t quite as much padding inside, so the shoes do not hold quite as snug as the 1080v9 did. Some of this can be overcome by using the top eyelet to create a heel lock loop. The thick heal land smooth and leads to natural roll with your foot.

We have just a few more things to note about the overall fit of the New Balance 1080v10 Fresh Foam women’s shoes. The heel to toe drop is pretty minimal at 8mm. It makes it easy to slide orthotics in for high arches.

The majority of people say the fit is true to size. The toe box accommodates the wide-size and x-wide-size nicely, but it not overly roomy. It does not feel tight at all, but much of that comes from the flexibility of the mesh uppers. They are very breathable and flexible.

3. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoes

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoes Review

Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 15 Running Sneaker

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 15 running shoe is another excellent choice for runners with wide feet.

Let me start by saying that if you have extremely-wide feet, this might not be the shoe for you. The Wave Inspire 15 comes in a wide-width but not an x-wide or xx-wide. For your average wide-foot runner, this shoe is fantastic.

Runners are funny creatures. They tend to find a running shoe that works for them, and it becomes their go-to shoe. It’s like a favorite t-shirt that brings a smile to your face every time you put it on. These running shoes are like that, a perennial favorite.

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 15 is made for the mild to moderate overpronator. The shoe has an accurate, true-to-size fit.

The toe box is roomy enough to accommodate wide feet, but it is not so big you experience a slide. Your foot has room to splay but feels very supported.

I liked the look of these shoes as well. They are sharp. I know when it comes to running performance, fit, and comfort are the most important things, but let’s face it. We want our gear to look good too. In the Wave Inspire 15, you get both.

The running shoes are designed primarily for long runs. They have supportive features and cushioning to keep you comfortable for a long time.

These shoes are also very light. The women’s model is only 8.4 ounces. Not quite to the point of having to anchor them to the floor, so they don’t float off, but close.

The heel to toe drop is 12mm, so it gives you that slightly forward feel as you run to help you propel your momentum. A medium arch is a perfect fit but will allow for inserts if you have high arches.

Cushioning in this running shoe leans toward the plush side, which is what you want for daily runners. The mesh design of the upper foot makes these breathable and flexible on your runs.

4. Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoes

Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoes Review

Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Sneaker

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a top-rated and ranked running shoe. For runners with wide feet, this shoe provides options for both wide-width and x-wide width.

The more extensive selection of choices is one of the many reasons we like The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21. Runners believe the sizing is spot-on. When matched to the size and width choice made, they are true to size and not too narrow or too broad.

The toebox has a very comfortable feel. Your toes do not feel squished. With the light mesh upper for the shoe, it is very flexible and breathable. These shoes are excellent for the road and treadmill.

One of the most important things to note is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a motion control shoe made for severe overpronation. Still, the beautiful thing is that with the new guard rail system, neutral pronation is not affected when running in these shoes.

The running-shoe uses a guide rail system, keeping your foot aligned, hopefully creating less stress on your knees. It is best suited for a low to a medium arch. If you have high arches, they do accommodate inserts well.

The overall weight of these shoes falls right in the middle, with comparable running shoes for wide feet. The men’s version is 11 ounces, and the women’s version is 9.6 ounces.

The Adrenaline GTS has an ample amount of cushioning but is not overly aggressive. It keeps the shoe lighter, and your legs feel fresh.

Even on long runs, you don’t feel beat up from the pounding. The midsole of the GTS mixes BioMoGo and the Loft crash pad.

The DNA Loft gives you a combination of air, foam, and rubber. When you put all of this together, a durable running shoe is what you get in the end.

Brooks makes a high-quality shoe. The wear-testing was impeccable, with no issues found. The blown rubber of the outsole grabs the road with excellent traction. Overall the shoe feels light, flexible, and, most importantly, comfortable on wide-feet.

5. Asics Women’s Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoes

Asics Women's Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoes Review

Asics Women’s Gel Kayano 25 Running Sneaker

The Asics Women’s Gel Kayano 25 running shoe has been around for a long time. The 25 in the name represents the number of years this shoe has been in production.

Like a fine wine, it has gotten better with age and is a staple of their stability line of shoes for long-distance running. For runners with wide-feet, the Asics Women’s Gel Kayano 25 is a solid choice for less than $100.

The shoe accommodates a wide-width, but not an x-wide width. If you want to go pricier, close to the $160 mark, the newest model (Kayano 27) is a great shoe also. Not everyone wants to drop that much money on a pair of running sneakers which is why we went with the Kayano 25 review here.

Like many running shoe manufacturers, not all the color options come in a wide width. It’s part of the duck feet curse as my wife calls it.

The stability and comfort of the cushioning system set this shoe apart. People have come to expect this from the Asics Gel Kayano, and model 25 does not disappoint. These features make it great for cross-training at the gym and playing other outdoor sports.

It is easy to see why this running shoe is one of the most popular amongst runners. These shoes are durable also. Several reviewers have mentioned how well they last, and how comfortable they remained even after 500 miles.

It is common in many shoes for the cushioning to feel compressed after logging a bunch of miles. Asics credits their FLYTEFOAM technology with its organic, super fibers that resist compression. The Asics Gel Kayano 25 holds up well, giving you more bang for your buck.

I like the exterior design of the shoe. The mesh uppers shape nicely to your foot. It gives them a light, breezy feel with lots of flexibility. The areas around the ankle and heel provide excellent support.

Some reviewers noted the extra stability added just a little excess weight. I felt as though it was the perfect blend of durability, comfort, and weight.

The Asics Gel Kayano 25’s design is for neutral pronation and overpronation. It has standard arch support and enhances the natural gait, striding from heel to toe-off. For runners with moderately wide-feet, the Asics Gel Kayano 25 is a great choice.

Our top 5 wide running shoes for men include Brooks Men’s Ghost 12, New Balance Men’s 1080v9 Fresh Foam, ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22, Saucony Men’s Echelon 7, and Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20. You can see our full review below and our quick comparison table right here.

Top Men’s Running Shoes For Wide Feet Comparison

Top Choice
Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe - Primer Grey/Pearl/Black - 13
Men's Running Shoes
Customer Rating
More Details
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Running Shoe, Wave/Light Rogue Wave, 10
Customer Rating
More Details
ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes
Men's Running Shoes
Customer Rating
More Details
Saucony Men's Echelon 7 Running Shoe
Men's Running Shoes
Customer Rating
More Details
Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe - Black/Grey - D - 7.0
Men's Running Shoes
Customer Rating
More Details

6. Brooks Mens Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Brooks Mens Ghost 13 Running Shoe Review

Brooks Mens Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 running shoes have an excellent feel for people with wide feet. They not only provide a wide-width but go a step further (see what I did there) and give an option for sizes in X-Wide too. The width options are good news for runners with very-wide feet.

The shoes have an excellent balanced fit with a soft cushioning underfoot. Don’t worry; the cushioning is not so over the top that you lose responsiveness or durability during your strides. These shoes are incredibly light as well. I think one of the things that makes these so comfortable for runners with wide feet is the mesh uppers and how they bond to the lower part of the shoe. The shoes give a balance of stretch and structure, so you feel supported but not restricted. Your step and stride feel smooth and stable with the help of the segmented crash pad shock absorbers.

These running shoes are suitable for long-distance, cross-training, treadmill running, and road work. The overall weight of these shoes is 10.4 ounces.

7. New Balance Men s 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New Balance Men s 1080v11 Fresh Foam Running Shoe Review

New Balance Men s 1080v11 Fresh Foam

The New Balance Men’s 1080v11 Fresh Foam Running Shoe comes in a variety of sizes including narrow, standard, wide-width, and x-wide. For our purpose, it is the wide-width and x-wide width that we are concerned about here.

I will say that depending on the shape of your particular foot, some people with wide-feet have said the toe box seems a little too narrow, even in the wide-sizes. Other’s with wide feet say it fits just right, so it’s essential to know where your foot tends to run wide.

My wife has duck feet, especially across the toe area. An ample toe box is necessary for her. Don’t tell her I said she has duck feet. They are cute duck feet.

When it comes to cushioning, these running shoes feel great. I can see why they are called fresh foam. The extremely cushioned mid-sole gives superior comfort when pounding the pavement. The beautiful thing is that you still receive the support you need, even with all the plush cushioning.

The light and airy mesh uppers seem to wrap around your feet, giving you freedom in movement with the support of a proper fit. They weigh in at 9 ounces, which is pretty light. They are great for long-distance runs and cross-training in the gym.

8. ASICS Men s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

ASICS Men s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes Review

ASICS Men s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes are another solid choice when it comes to running shoes for people with wide feet. You can get these running shoes in a wide-size or X-Wide, but an XX-Wide is not available.

These shoes have neutral pronation, designed fro normal-sized arches. It’s imperative to know how your foot rolls inward when your foot hits the grounds and how it distributes that impact. The first thing is getting the width right, but then you have to consider your pronation to make sure you are getting the perfect fit for your foot.

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus have an excellent cushioning system that includes both rearfoot and forefoot gel. The gel is comfortable for the impact of the foot strike and when you are pushing off your toes.

Their trademarked FlyteFoam in the mid-sole puts a nice bounce in your step, but still feels stable, especially across wide feet. They have that beautiful mesh upper that I like. It wraps ever so snug across your foot but has just the right amount of movement that is soft and breathable, especially where your foot makes contact.

The shoes are comfortably light, weighing in at 10.9 ounces. Most people say the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 has the right fit for the size and width when they purchase them.

9. Saucony Men’s Echelon 7 Running Shoes

Saucony Men's Echelon 7 Running Shoes Review

Saucony Men’s Echelon 7 Running Sneaker

The Saucony Men’s Echelon 7 comes in a wide-width and an x-wide width, giving runners with wide feet even more choices. The toe box on these shoes is beautiful and roomy, which feels great.

The neutral pronation design has a somewhat low arch. This mixed with the stable and accommodating base is excellent for orthotic inserts.

You will find the midfoot and heel have a little more support than some of the other running shoes designed for wide-feet. Don’t confuse additional support with restriction, though. They accommodate wide feet very well.

The footbed is plush and comfy in these running shoes. The midsole consists of bouncy foam fused with TPU beads. It has plenty of support, especially for heavier runners like me.

The traction and tread perform well and hold up over time. The wear is minimum on these, and you have to put in some miles to notice.

There is a little more substance to the uppers on these shoes. As a result, they do weigh just a bit more than some of the other running shoes we reviewed.

They may feel a little stiff the first few times you run and have a bit more of a break-in period. I would not be concerned with this. I just wanted to point it out as it is a little different than the super light cloth mesh tops.

If you want a pair of shoes to accommodate your wide-feet that gives a supportive run, these may be the ones for you. You may find some of the aches and pains you usually experience, disappear with these running shoes.

10. Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoes

Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoes Review

Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Sneaker

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 men’s running shoes are outstanding. They would be nearer to the top of our list for the best men’s running shoes, but their popularity can make them hard to find. Seriously though, if you have the opportunity stop whatever you are doing and order a pair of these running shoes.

As you might have guessed, I am a massive fan of these shoes. I wear them every day. I love them so much. I have two pairs, one for running and one that I wear for work since I am on my feet a lot.

I’ve tried a lot of shoes over the years, but for my wide feet these have proven to be head and shoulders above the rest.

The Adrenaline GTS 20 come in both a wide-size and an extra-wide size to accommodate your feet, regardless of how wide they are. This year marks the 20th birthday of these shoes. Like a fine wine, they have gotten better with age as well.

They provide more support than a neutral design. The midsole has a slightly deeper drop of 12mm, which helps accommodate medium to high arches, giving extra comfort on your runs.

Brooks refers to their balanced and soft cushioning as their BioMoGo DNA. They are responsive, primarily due to the DNA Loft Crash Pad, sitting under the cushioning. Each step gives you a little spring as you move forward.

These shoes have a great modernized fit with the engineered mesh upper and a small GuideRails support system. The GuideRails system gives a nice touch of extra support, designed to keep you moving comfortably and protect your knees.

Most people find these shoes to be the right fit from a size and width standpoint. They weigh in at 10.6 ounces, which is right in the middle for Brooks running shoes.

As a steady runner, you will probably replace these shoes every six months or so. I love the cushy feel when sliding on fresh pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20. They are the perfect pair of running shoes for wide feet.

Why Do Some People Have Wide Feed?

Feet, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. There are causes or reasons for wide. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons.

Born that way

You may remember from your childhood your mom or dad complaining about their shoes or having wide feet. At the next family gathering, you can thank them for passing this on to you through genetics.


Father time is not always kind to our feet. As we age our feet tend to grow longer and wider which obviously leads to wider feet. Things are not as tight as they used to be so before you know it, your feet can be spilling out over your shoes because they are getting wider.


During pregnancy, your feet can become wider. This is especially prevalent in the later stages. Some of this is hormone related, as progesterone tends to make a woman’s joints and ligaments relax. The good news is some of this will go away with time.


If you suffer from foot deformities such as hammertoes, bunions or calluses, this may cause your feet to become wider.

Improper fit

Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly and are tight on your feet, to begin with, can cause swelling and a widening of your feet. Surprisingly studies have found that over 50% of people don’t wear shoes that fit.


While this one sounds like a “no-brainer”, edema, better known as “swelling” can widen your feet. Many people suffer from edema on an ongoing basis, so wide shoes are required.

Flat Feet

Having flat feet is another one of the lovely genetic curses you can have that are also associated with flat feet. I am not saying you have a platypus in your family tree but have you looked?

Problems associated with wide feet

Having wide feet and wearing running shoes that don’t fit the way they should lead to several problems such as painful “achy” feet. Wearing narrow or tight shoes can cause issues with bunions, calluses, crossover toe and hammertoe (hammertoe is not nearly as fun as hammer time).


When the bone or tissue around the joint of your big toe becomes enlarged, this is called a bunion. Bunions can be bad because it can cause your big toe to turn in toward your other toes which lead to pain and swelling.


Blister can be common especially when you get a new pair of shoes that do not fit properly. If they are tight or too narrow, the rubbing on your skin in a new spot can cause a blister.


Over time callouses build because of too much pressure on your skin. Again tight-fitting shoes will cause this.

Hammer Toe

When your toe starts to curl up toward the sky instead of lying flat, you are getting hammertoe.


Having wide feet is a huge challenge when it comes to finding a pair of running shoes. The running shoes we selected for our review are what we feel to be your best options. We included shoes that come in wide-width, x-wide, and xx-wide for those with very wide feet. Don’t let your wide feet stop you from enjoying a comfortable run.