We Know Cycling

Cycling has become one of the most widely celebrated forms of exercise in the world today, and rightfully so! Cycling combines a rigorous workout with a thrilling ride that brings forth lasting physical results along with breathtaking views.

We are HUGE fans of cycling here at Run-BMF.com. Our team is committed to bring all cyclers together. Whether you’re just getting started, or have been running the roads for years, it’s our passion to build a community that has a love for getting their heart rate up while enjoying the fresh air, and awesome scenery!

We understand first hand at how daunting of a process it is to to set goals, find the right gear, and plan out your rides. Luckily for you, we’ve taken our years of personal experience, along with a lot of trial and error, and put together the best information that will help you spend less time researching and more time CYCLING.

The most important step in the cycling process is Knowing Your Why. What is your motivation towards pursuing cycling? Whether you ride several times a week, have taken a hiatus from cycling, or have never ridden a road bike before, you must have a convincing reason as to why you want to ride. Studies show that individuals are much more likely to achieve their big goals when they can articulate a clear reason for why they should push through any given challenge throughout the journey. Rest be assured, you will have frequent obstacles throughout the process. During those times when you want to quit and give up, knowing why you started in the first place will help you ignore the negativity and keep pursuing your goal.

The next step is to Set reasonable goals. Although you may roll your eyes at this cliche, you shouldn’t. It’s important! Think about all the times that you’ve gotten really inspired to try a new workout, diet, or lifestyle. You may have bought all the gear, planned every meal, and even stuck to the schedule…for two weeks. Why is cycling going to be any different? Setting unreasonable goals will most likely lead to fatigue, disinterest, injury, and disappointment. On the other hand, if you properly plan out your rides, find the right gear for you, and are consistent with a conservative plan with a steady trajectory, you are bound to achieve your longterm goals!

Although it isn’t everything, anyone who has been cycling for any given time will tell you to find and invest in the right gear for YOU! Not all bikes, accessories, and gear are created equal. There are so many personalizations you can make towards your cycling experience, and it can easily become confusing and overwhelming for beginners to know what they need in order to hit the ground running. That is why our team members here at Run-BMF.com have put together their carefully crafted picks for all their favorite cycling gear. It is our hope that we can help remove all the non-essentials from this process and help you get riding as soon as possible!

Lastly, find a cycling buddy! Exercise is always more enjoyable when you have someone to hurt with. Cycling is no different. Having a cycling parter will keep you more accountable, be an extra set of eyes to help keep you safe, and challenge you to be better. And like with all good things, the more the merrier! There are numerous cycling groups around our community that have a wide range of planned routes and riding times that will accommodate any schedule. Check your community for any local riding groups that you may be able to join!