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Our gear reviews are designed to give you greater insight and help you chose the right training gear based on performance, price, and other customer reviews. Having the right shoes, equipment, and accessories makes running and training as a whole, so much more enjoyable.

We realize that the fitness world has been growing at an expedient rate over the last few decades, and with it the gear! Exercise gear plays a large role in developing the skills, physique, and regiment that you desire to possess. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to sift through today’s saturated market that is littered with a myriad of niche based products. That’s where we come in! Our team here at Run-BMF loves the world of fitness, each of our team members has a diverse range of experience, interests, and adventurous curiosity. We carefully select items that we have personally reviewed, and that we ourselves would want to use when training. It has been our experience that there are so many useless reviews and underwhelming ads that get pushed onto our social media feeds, search engines, and in-person stores. So we decided to review these items for ourselves and pass along to you what we learned from each hand selected product.

So let’s dive in!


When most people think of fitness gear they think of gym bags, dumbbells, sneakers, and water bottles. However, a huge area that often doesn’t receive the proper amount of attention within the fitness world is the recovery process. How do you think that collegiate, olympic, and world famous athletes perform at such a high level season after season and year after year? It’s because they place emphasis on their recovery process. Our bodies are resilient machines, designed to adapt to the workload demanded from them. An analogy often made is that an individual’s body is like a car, made up of many parts and systems that work together as one. When we talk about recovery, it is no different than the various systems in a car.

There is nutritional recovery, which replaces and repairs your body from the inside. Another system is muscle recovery, in which you utilize tissue massage and rolling. If you want to accomplish this yourself, and avoid a regular membership at the spa, take a look at our massage gun reviews at your own convenience. Another popular approach is to externally stimulate the muscles from the outside with a device like a muscle stimulator, which are also commonly known as a tens unit. Lastly, there is post-strain recovery in which you stretch, ice, heat, or rest your body from the heavy workload that you just performed. Each of these areas is vital to the overall recovery process and must not be looked over if you desire to train and perform without injury over the long haul.