We Know Fitness

In recent years, many have been captivated by the vast world of fitness. Whether it’s following someone’s individual fitness journey on social media, driving by that gym that you’ve always felt that you should join, or just being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, we all find ways to get motivated to start becoming more fit.

One of the largest hurdles that most people encounter when starting their own fitness journey is figuring out where in the world to start. If you are having this same dilemma, stay tuned, because we will be taking you through the all main ideas and principles of fitness to help you achieve your desired results.

The most important step that we always advocate for here at Run-BMF.com is to Know Your Why. Meaning, your first step in all of this should be to understand why you want to achieve your end goal. Now, if you are a bit disappointed with this first step, don’t be! We will get into more of the details such as what workouts and diets you should try later on, but for now we will be covering the more important underlying principles that will be crucial to your success.

With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily matter what your specific motive is, as long as it is important to YOU! For some people, they want to feel less sluggish and have more natural energy throughout the day. Some of you may have been told by a professional, that unless they make certain lifestyle changes they will face serious medical consequences. Others, may just want to look a bit better in their bathing suit.

Whatever your reason is, it is important that YOU fully understand WHY you have decided to start this journey, because when adversity comes, (Rest assured, it will!) you can remember WHY you started to become more fit in the first place!

The next step in your fitness journey is to Set reasonable goals. You will find this to be such a crucial process throughout many aspects of becoming more fit. And this applies to both your physical fitness plans, as well as how to best use your finances to accomplish those goals. You won’t need commercial grade exercise equipment for your home use, so finding one of today’s best elliptical under $1000 will be a smart investment and will benefit you physically and financially.

It has been our experience here at Run-BMF.com, personally as well as professionally, that it is better to set small goals, than overly ambitious goals. Studies show that individuals who set modest goals, stay motivated and are likely to complete their long-term goal than those who try to stick to overly ambitious plans. The key to becoming more fit is consistency. A saying we love here is, “One burger isn’t going to make you fat, nor is one salad going to make you skinny.”

This saying not only explains a dietary truth, but an overall mindset that all individuals should take towards living a more healthy lifestyle. So whether it is diet, exercise, or mental wellness, pick small goals that are going to be initially smooth lifestyle changes that will be easy home runs and boost your confidence right off the bat. It’s not all about expensive exercise equipment either, using something as simple as a fitness watch can be very encouraging and help track your progress. Convenient home exercise programs like crossfit are very effective as well. And inexpensive items like an ab roller, or a set of dumbbells will remain effective tools for many years.

Next on the list is going to be Finding the right exercise for you. In today’s fitness culture, there are so many sub-genres of fitness that it can be a bit overwhelming. But the question is, “Which form is best for you?” the only way to answer that question is to start trying them out one by one and see which ones resonate with YOU. Making it easy as possible to get started with your exercise routine can make a huge difference, so finding the best elliptical for home use could be much better than traveling to the local gym.

Here at Run-BMF.com, we have a diverse range of interests, but what we all have in common is that we like to get out there and MOVE! That’s the key to improving your physique, consistently expend physical energy in any form that brings you joy, as well as providing a better quality of life for you.

Some of our team’s favorite forms of exercise are running, cycling, weight lifting, CrossFit, HIIT, field work, and Hiking…just to name a few!. But do some research of your own, and discover a style that is conducive to your taste, and lifestyle. Along with a healthy diet, something as simple as routine use of a stair climber in your home can make a world or difference.

Another great way to browse for a physical activities is to explore all of the outdoor and nature based options for exercise. Not only are they super rad, but they also provide stunning views, and offer a chance to explore new areas which can help you stay more consistent with exercising.

A great way to start researching outdoor activities is a set a parameter that revolves around your environment or your taste. For instance, if you wanted to do a sport that revolved around water sports, then Kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, or surfing may be great options. More ideas for finding an outdoor exercise is to think about alternative methods, such as hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, wake boarding, swimming, and even rock climbing.

Now, on to one of the most important aspects of fitness, which is Nutrition. We always hesitate to use the word, “diet” due to it negative connotation, but essentially, it is so important to fuel your body with right kind of food in order to fully optimize your daily performance, as well as metal and physical well being throughout the day.

We here at Run-BMF.com always want to be clear, there is no one diet or nutrition strategy that is perfect. Many of them have specific benefits as well as set backs, but once again we believe that the most important aspect to nutrition is to understand the underlying principles.

Since we’re all unique, and come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to determine what your specific nutritional requirements will be. Just think about it, we would recommend the same amount of daily calories to a 110lb female rock climber as we would to a 225lb male weight lifter. So we recommend that you find a credible calorie calculator.

These calculators give you excellent approximations for what your daily calorie intake should be for the day. A calorie is a unit of energy measure in the human body. There are approximately 3,500 of these calories in 1lb. So in order to loose 1lb, an individual most burn about 3,500 of these calories. The same can be said for those who want to gain weight, they must consume a surplus of 3,500 calories in oder to gain 1lb.

The calorie calculators will ask information that is specific about your lifestyle, in order to help you meet your desired goals. For instance if your goal is to lose 10lbs in 5 weeks, then they can help you determine how many calories you should consume on a daily basis in order to complete your goal in that specific timeline.

Another tool much like the calorie calculator is the Macro calculator. The term “macro” refers to the dietary term macronutrient. In plan English, a macronutrient is found in all foods. There are three types of macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats.

All nutrition labels will show you the amount of these macronutrients in each serving. Most people should strive to have a diet that is fairly well rounded in these macronutrients, but typically the most consumed nutrient will be Carbohydrates, followed by Proteins, then Fats.

Macronutrients are typically measured in grams. So most macro calculators will determine how many grams of each type of macronutrient you should aim to consume each day in order to meet your specific goal. This tool can be very beneficial for those who are looking to gain more muscle mass, as well as those who want to retain a fairly low body fat percentage.

You might be a bit confused, and that’s okay! You may not retain all of this information overnight, but it is a good starting point for you to then branch out into your own research and start grasping this information in greater depth. The most important aspect to nutrition is to find out what your goal is, and to find a nutritional strategy that best suits your lifestyle.

Lastly, it’s super important to Find and invest the proper equipment and gear for your activity Today’s market is saturated with a multitude of options for any specific piece of exercise equipment, so much of the information posted out there today can be misleading, and flat out false!

That’s why we started Run-BMF.com. We wanted to use our expertise to help YOU cut through all of the BS out there and show you our top rated products for a wide variety of exercise gear, including gear for: Running, Cycling, Strength, Fitness, and Training. It’s our mission as well our pleasure to help you spend less time surfing the web, and more time running the trails.