We Know Running

Running, like all journeys, begins with a first step. We hope you fall in love with running the same way we have at Run-BMF.com. Before you know it you’ll be committed to running, setting new goals and challenges. We hope to help you along the way by gearing up, staying healthy, and being inspired.

Running isn’t exactly a new pastime – it has been around for a very, very long time. Keep in mind, the legend of the ancient Greek messenger running from Marathon to Athens ended with his demise from physical exhaustion. If your very first goal starts with taking on a 26 mile run, you are likely to face disappointment. We want to help you avoid failure, and shape your racing and training strategy so you are set up to succeed.

First and foremost, its important to set reasonable goals. Focusing on incremental improvements over time rather than fast results is the name of the game. Pushing yourself to accomplish small gains with every run will take you much further than short gains that burn you out.

Another vital piece of the puzzle is to pursue overall fitness along with your runs. A dynamic exercise routine that strengthens your core with sit-up, push-up, and pull-ups will contribute all those small gain we just talked about. Endurance is a full-body event, and can be found in the long-term thinking and planning for overall fitness.

Any serious runner should invest in good running shoes. Whether you need running shoes for wide feet, or a good pair of trail running shoes, taking care of your feet needs to take priority if you want to continue running for the long term. Addressing your aches and pains is important as well. Whether you need the very best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, or a helpful knee brace, ignoring chronic discomfort is never a wise move.

A good running routine will bring routine to other aspects of your life as well. Good rest, a routine breakfast, healthy eating habits, and even a routine workout outfit will all contribute to better performance. Don’t forget the importance of staying hydrated, and a running hydration pack can be very helpful for long distance and challenging trail runs. Don’t let the weather slow you down either. Today’s best treadmills under 500 dollars can help you maintain your routine without the rain or the cold breaking your hard-earned habits. You might be surprised that a manual treadmill can offer even more versatility than conventional motor-driven designs.

Believe it or not, a well-established routine helps to remove distractions and stresses that tax you both physically and mentally. Every ounce of energy counts before a race so remaining mentally calm and relaxed is a bigger contributor to your performance than most people realize.

Tracking your progress is a great way to keep encouraging yourself. A simple fitness tracker is a great way to add concrete numbers to your performance and gains, and running watches perform many of the same functions. The point is, don’t just go by feel. The data doesn’t lie, and letting the numbers push you beyond your wall and trump your discomfort will contribute to those incremental gains.

While you track your mileage, routinely mix up your running routine with sprints and hill runs. Along with preventing boredom, you’ll pump up your legs and push your hips up higher than your average running from does. Theme music for your run is another great way to keep our routine from getting monotonous. Finding a pair of today’s best wireless earbuds for running is vital to allow for free range of movement and keeping your playlist or podcast playing smoothly.