We Know Strength Training

Strength training has one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise today! It utilizes resistance in the forms free weights, machines, or even body weight in order to build up strength, muscle, and performance.

Strength training is not just for bodybuilders! Strength training is for everyone! After the major surge of popularity in body building in the 70s and 80s, many have grown an irrational fear that if they just merely pick up a dumbbell that they will grow huge Arnold Schwarzenegger-like arms…Which is completely false!

Here at Run-BMF, we promote strength training as the idea that it is an arrow in our exercise quiver. It is a crucial aspect to having an overall healthy and toned body.

You can expect to see various results from strength training depending on multiple factors such as frequency of training, amount of resistance, nutrition, and duration of workouts. Before you run out and start chugging mass gainer protein, learning how to translate that nutrition into as much muscle as possible is vital. You need a plan tailor-made for you. Generally speaking, most individuals should aim to incorporate 2-3 strength training sessions each week to see the best results.

Strength training shouldn’t be mistaken for simply setting up a folding weight bench in your garage, or using a cable crossover machine in a gym. Strength training can be found in many other forms as well! For instance, looking to the great outdoors can help generate some really unique ideas for building strength. Some of our Run-BMF team’s favorite forms of strength training comes in the form of rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, and even chopping fire wood!

Taking full advantage of the space you have available can really help to make your workout more routine and regular. You can easily install some home gym flooring in your garage, and adding a power tower or a set of cheap adjustable dumbbells can bring a ton of versatility to your workout.

Targeting specific muscle groups, like quads or biceps, is best accomplished with specific machines made for that purpose. A lat pulldown machine is perfect for toning and building strength in your lats while simultaneously building strength in your shoulders and back.

Another alternative to traditional weights is Calisthenics. Calisthenics utilizes body weight and gravity as it’s main source of resistance in order to build strength. Push-ups, Sit-ups, and body weight squats are excellent examples of what Calisthenics is all about, but it doesn’t stop there. There are a multitude of unique movements that all come with their own benefits. Do some research to see what which exercises you could benefit from right in your own home!

If you’re new to strength training, or have been off your game recently and are looking where to start we’ve got you covered!
The first step that anyone should take in their strength training journey is to Know Why You’re Doing it. What was your motivation to start building strength? For some it is because they want to improve their body for bathing suit season. Others may do it for a physically taxing job occupation. Some individuals may just generally want to be healthier and find this form of exercise the most enjoyable. What ever your reason is, make sure you are personally persuaded by it, that way when adversity comes, and excuses try to convince you to watch just one more episode of your favorite show that you can easily tell yourself why you started in the first place!

The second step that we recommend is to Set Reasonable Goals. We can’t tell you how many times we here at Run-BMF encounter people with all of these ambitious goals, and think that the way to get reach those goals is to drop multitudes of cash on cheap equipment, and nasty protein powder. It’s more than okay to have a desired end goal, but as long as you realize how long that will take, and that in order to best reach that desired outcome, you should set up much more small and reasonable goals.

The next step that is of the utmost importance, is to find and invest in the right gear for YOU. One of our main motivations for starting Run-BMF.com was that were tired of seeing cheap, functionless, and straight up bad gear being promoted to those trying to make a positive lifestyle change.

Our team’s mission is to inform both newbies and veterans alike, on all of our top rated and reviewed products that we personally stand by! We realize how busy people’s schedules are these days, and how saturated the internet is with information, that is why our team has carefully and diligently worked hard to cut through all the BS to give you our favorite tried and true products. It’s our desire to help you spend less time researching for equipment, and more time achieving your dream physique!