running when sore

Running When Sore A Practical Guide We have all been there the day after a hard run when you have to walk up a flight of stairs and your muscles are extremely sore. It not only happens to seasoned runners, but this can also happen to new runners or runners that have taken a little time off. Our goal is to help you get back on track and give you the information you need when you find yourself suffering from sore muscles. Why Do We Get Sore After Running Sometimes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (better known as DOMS) is [...]

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how to start running again

How To Start Running Again After A Break So you have convinced yourself you are ready to start running again. It might have been an injury, couldn't find the motivation, bad weather, or work has just been killing you that caused you to stop. It can seem like a challenge to get back into the running saddle after being away for a while. Almost everyone has experienced it at one point in time or another. Having to take time off from running is very common. Time to jump back in and start running again! Be safe and get back to [...]

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