We Know Training

Training is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Your training routine might be light years apart from someone else, and that’s exactly what should be expected. After all, you are looking for observable results for you. That’s not going to happen by following a training routine that doesn’t remotely resemble your goals, or that has your body type in mind.

Training is all about setting reasonable goals, and working toward accomplishing those goals. An overall realistic approach to training is a vital piece of the puzzle here, otherwise you’ll be stetting yourself up for disappointment or failure.

Anyone setting ambitious training goals needs to couple those goals with a healthy self awareness. Self awareness in both your physical and mental strengths and weaknesses is a tremendously helpful character trait to work on. Your goals are going to be better accomplished through a flexible approach that can adapt to any challenges you might face along the way.

What are you training for?

The way you answer this question will shape your training plans, but the degree of intensity and aggression is going to vary on a very wide scale. On the very intense and aggressive end of the spectrum, you might ask a question like Retired US Army Sergeant Major Pat Macnamara. “If I cloned myself yesterday, can I kick my clone’s ass tomorrow?”

On the other end of the scale you might focus on dynamic flexibility rather than intensity. You still build strength and muscle through exercises than lean heavily on stretching like yoga, pilates, and even climbing.

Whatever goals you might have in mind, it’s vital to establish a plan and stay flexible enough to adjust that plan in order to reach those goals.